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This page was created as a tool for parents and students.  It is intended to be a source of information that will keep you updated on assignments as well as an extra source of information on a particular topic.  I also believe that the e-mail connection will be an excellent communication avenue for our busy life styles.

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English Department Goal

Students will demonstrate continuous improvement in establishing writing competencies by practicing various modes of writing as established by District Curriculum

Some student help:



Syllabus  Advanced Placement Literature and Composition


Avoiding Plagiarism


Glossary of literary terms




Syllabus: American Literature, English III


AP Central


Etext--online novels

On case you foret your book





Purdue University online writing workshop


Practice AP Exams


Montana University System Writing Assessment





MLA Style Page




Writing a persuasive essay




Dr. Grammar

For a quick answer to grammar questions. . .








Creed and opinion change with time, and their symbols perish; but Literature and its temples are sacred to all creeds and inviolate.
                             Mark Twain
         - Letter to the Millicent [Rogers] Library, 2/22/1894


Thou clay-brained guts, thou knotty-pated fool, thou whoreson obscene greasy tallow-catch!  

                                                    Henry IV part 1





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Advanced Placement Literature and Composition


This course is divided into three major areas concerned with the genres of prose, drama, and poetry.      This class is designed to comply with the curricular requirements as described in the AP English Course Description, and the class prepares students to take the AP Literature and Composition Exam in May.  Students are expected to write creative and analytical paper at an introductory college level. At least three in-class timed writing and multiple draft essays are required each quarter and a full research paper after the AP Exam in May.  Discussion and participation is vital to understanding literature.  I expect students to be prepared by carefully reading the required texts.



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American Literature--English III


American Literature is a survey course for juniors to explore the the development of the art of writing throughout the history of the United States from its colonial beginnings to today.  The course also stresses writing, vocabulary and grammar concerns.


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