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Jan Jamruszka-Wilson

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January 15, 1999 

This is the first chance I´ve had to send you photos as being chief interpreter and tour guide can be time consuming! 

These are photos of Huacachina, near Ica, Peru.  We stayed at a hotel on the lagoon.  Our vistas were the sand dunes.  The boys tried some sandboarding. 

Here are some pictures, still in Peru. About a 100miles north of Arequipa, in southern Peru, is a canyon, the 
Colca Canyon.  It is reputed to be twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.We were at altitudes of 12,000 - 16,000 ft. for 4 days.  We all felt effects of soroche, altitude sickness, though Joel and I fared the best. 
You can see how the terrace farming this high in the Andes makes very good use of the land.  It makes for more area for growing, catches the 
snowmelt and runoff to irrigate the terraces and also makes for shallow fields that can be warmed more quickly by the sun. 
The photo labeled Continental Divide has a similar definition in Peru. 
The dormant volcano/mountain that you see in the background is El Mismi.The rains falling to the west run to the Pacific Ocean.  The rains falling on the eastern slopes drain to the Amazon and on to the Atlantic.  The Peruvians claim that from the headwaters of the Amazon here on the eastern slopes of El Mismi to the boca make this a longer river than the Nile by about 300 kilometers! 
At these altitudes, we are part of the sky and our familiars are the birds.  This is a picture of a condor. 

Here is a photo of a herd of llamas.  Note the red ribbons and markings. 
These represent prayers to protect them, a kind of Andean good luck charm. 
This photo of a woman and child was taken in the Colca Canyon.  They wear the dress typical of their village.  You can tell where they come from simply by looking at them. 
This is a photo of a teahouse, an Andean roadstop cafe.  This one is at 14,500 ft. Travelers suffering from soroche, altitude sickness, try to combat the effects of headache and nausea by drinking mate, an herbal 
tea flavored with lots of sugar. 

Hereare photos of Nazca. These pictures are in Ica and Nazca, Peru. 

These are photos of geoglyphs that are referred to as the Nazca lines.They are in Peru. 
The Candelabra-#1. The Nazca lines that are called a runway because one of the theories about their construction a la Eric Von Danniken was that the lines were built 2000 years ago as a landing strip for space aliens. This is the other geoglyph that lends credence(??) to Eric Von Danniken´s theory. 



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