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Text Book: World Geography McDOUGAL LITTELL
Weekly Calendar Students will be able to access online our class events each week for the 2005-2006 School Year. Coming Soon!!!
ClassZone Through ClassZone, students will stay sharp-minded with online puzzles, current events coverage, and quizzes, while teachers can access up-to-date tools for daily lesson plans as well as resources to enhance their professional development
World Culture This site gives students and teachers access to a varity of web pages that cover a wide range of information on all regions of the world.
Geography Games This site provides a wide varity of geography games that teachers and students can acess.
Geography World The author of this site is Mr. BRAD BOWERMAN. This site is a must for any World Cultures teacher. It covers everything from ancient cultures to geography games.
Facts on File Biographies, Primary Sources, Image Galley, Timelines etc...
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History Channel At The History Channel you will find historical information ranging from Great Speeches (in audio) to facts about This Day in History. ...
CIA World Factbook - Country information has been updated as of 10 February, 2005.
- There have been some significant changes to the latest edition of The World Factbook.
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History Crossword Puzzles This site provides a wide range of crossword puzzles that can be used to challenge young minds.
Lonely Planet Lonely Planet is passionate about bringing people together, about understanding our world, and about people sharing experiences that enrich everyone's lives.
Eclipse Crossword Maker This is an excellent site for teachers or students to use when creating their own crossword games. The download takes vuritally no time.
PowerPoint Instructions Students will gain exposure to the almost limitless uses of the Microsoft Powerpoint program. Depending on the creativity of each individual student, student's will gain exposure to several different uses of technology. For example, capturing video clips, sound, images, and clipart.
Sample PowerPoint For Students This sample PowerPoint presentation was designed to show students what a adaquate (not excellent) level of work for this assignment. If this presentation was graded it would receive a C+ to B- grade.

Using the Internet to find information on the different countries of the world, students will have the opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of technological information sources and data collection processes. Student will then gather pertinent information to complete an information worksheet. This site is an excellent resource for the Social Studies teacher. Created by Susan M. Pojer. provides a relm of quality maps for students/teachers.
ReadingQuest: Making Sense in Social Studies
ReadingQuest: Making Sense in Social Studies is a website designed for social studies teachers who wish to more effectively engage their students with the content in their classes.



Click Here Movie One

Click Here Movie Two

Movie Presentation of Soldiers in Iraq. Created by Megan Graff and Leigh Zanto. 5th Period World Cultures 2006-2007 school year.
Click Here
Movie Presentation of Soldiers in Irag. Created by Richard Heitstuman. 6th Period World Cultures 2006-2007 school year.


Middle East

This site provides a clickable image map and hot links in order for teachers or students to access data for a particular Middle Eastern country.

History of Middle East

This is a guide to resources available on the WWW for those interested in Middle East culture and history.

History of Islam

This site is an excellent resource for an expand guide to the spread of Islam.

Middle East Culture

This site provides and range of information involving Middle Eastern Culture.


Click Here

This site was created by two students in Zero period World Cultures, Kalli Heller and Nicole Coleman. This site completed the requirements for the "A" project of the Latin America D.I. Unit of the 2005-2006 school year .

Click Here

This site was created by three students in 5th period World Cultures, Hannah Berglund, Courtney Gomez, and Jamie Hill. This site completed the requirements for the "A" project of the Latin America D.I. Unit of the 2005-2006 school year.


Latin America

This site is an important gateway to Latin America for primary and secondary school teachers and students, private and public sector professionals, and just about anyone looking for information about this important region.

South America

This site provides a wide range of information that can enhance any lesssons.

South America Rainforest

South America is home to the largest contiguous tropical rainforest in the world, the vast Amazon rainforest. The Amazon spreads across much of South America, including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, and French Guiana.

South America Indigenous People

This site is a reference to the indigenous peoples (aboriginal peoples) of South America that are found from the Isthmus of Panama to Tierra del Fuego.

The Civilization of the Incas

This site provides a brief synopsis of the Empire of the Incas

Mysteries of the Maya Empire

This site explores the questions, who were the Mayans, what were their beliefs, and what happened to them?

Ancient Aztec, Olmec, & Mesoamerica
History Link 101's Ancient Aztec, Olmec, and Mesoamerican page connects you to the best of Art, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures, and Research.


... In general, Nazca culture is considered to consist of three stages; ... One of the most famous and distinctive features of the Nazca culture is the ...

Significant Explorers and Civilizations of the Americas

A WebQuest for Social Studies Designed by Patty James

List of Famous Conquistadors and Explorers

Diego de Almagro (Peru, 1524-1535, Chile, 1535-1537)
Pedro de Alvarado (Mexico, 1519-1521, Guatemala 1523 -1527, Peru, 1533-1535, Mexico, 1540-1541)
Lucas Vásquez de Ayllón (United States east coast, 1524-1527)
Vasco Núñez de Balboa (Panama, 1510-1519)
Sebastián de Belalcázar (Ecuador and Colombia, 1533-1536)
Á lvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca (southwestern United States, 1527-1536, South America, 1540-1542)
Francisco Hernández de Córdoba (Yucatán, 1517)
Francisco Vásquez de Coronado (southwestern United States, 1540-1542)
Hernán Cortés (Mexico, 1518-1522, Honduras, 1524, Baja California, 1532-1536)
Nikolaus Federmann (Venezuela and Colombia, 1537-1539).
Juan de Grijalva (Yucatán, 1518)
Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada (Colombia, 1536-1537, Venezuela, 1569-1572)
Francisco de Montejo Yucatan, 1527-1546
Pánfilo de Narváez (Florida, 1527-1528)
Diego de Nicuesa (Panama, 1506-1511)
Cristóbal de Olid (Honduras, 1523-1524)
Francisco de Orellana (Amazon River, 1541-1543)
Francisco Pizarro (Peru, 1509-1535)
Gonzalo Pizarro (Peru, 1540-1542)
Juan Ponce de León (Puerto Rico, 1508, Florida, 1513 and 1521)
Hernando de Soto (southeastern United States, 1539-1542)
Inés Suárez, (Chile, 1541)
Martín de Ursua, Peten region of Guatemala, 1696-1697
Pedro de Valdivia (Chile, 1540-1552)
Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar (Cuba, 1511-1519)



This Link is maintained by Africa Information Services.
This site provides almanac style information for all countries in Africa. This site is well designed and is a must for those studying African Geography.

Additional African Websites:

African History: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
A brief review of the triangular trade with particular reference to recent statistics.

African History: Apartheid

The Afrikaans word meaning ‘separation’, Apartheid was the racial, social policy introduced by the National Party government of South Africa in 1948.

Stephen Bantu Biko

A young black politician who died under brutal and degrading circumstances during the apartheid period.

Africa Internet Research Project

Students will develop a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on an African country’s history and culture. Students will use the information they have collected from the previous lessons within this unit.


INDIA IMAGE is the Official Government of India Portal developed with an aim to provide comprehensive, accurate , reliable and one stop source of information about India and its various facets including its Government, heritage, economy, news, online citizen services etc. Links at various places have been provided to other official Indian Government Portals/websites.


Hinduism is one of the least understood, but the most ancient living religions in the world. Make the best use of this free information and if you liked this site please recommend to others who you feel would be interested in knowing about Hinduism.

Embassy of India

This is an outstanding site that will help any teachers or students find a wide range information in regards to India.

India PowerPoint Reseach Project

Students will develop a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on India History and Culture. Students will use the information they have collected from the previous lessons within this unit.

Additional sites:










Tsunami 2004

This site has an excellent video on the tsunami disaster of 2004



This site gives you an in-depth look at the following: Ancient Russia | The Mongols & the Emergence of Moscow | The Romanovs | Napoleon's Invasion | The Path to Revolution | The Soviet Era

Russia on the Web

Here's an Internet access to everything Russian. We're a project of The Transnational Institute, a network of Russian, American and West European organizations which have been sponsoring East-West exchange programs and annual conferences since 1981. Russian Society and Culture : While we offer a broad selection of Russia-connected Web sites, our special focus will be on Russian society, culture and religion. For other Web sites that specialize in Russia-connected links, look through Information & News.

Russia Land of the Tzars

This site is created by the History Channel. The site provides and excellent timeline a long with additional resources that takes you through a journey of centuries of murder, intrigue, and power struggles. This site will teach you how each Tsar helped develop this uniquely enigmatic country.

Joseph V. Stalin

Stalin Reference Archive
Reference Writers: JV Stalin (1879-1953). Biography.

Lenin Internet Archive

Information archive of Vladimir Lenin


Poet. Magician. Healer. Prophet. Holy Monk.


This site is an important gateway to Europe for primary and secondary school teachers and students, private and public sector professionals, and just about anyone looking for information about this important region.

Turmoil in the Balkans

The history of the Balkans once again follows the pattern of the rise and fall of civilizations according to the composition of the people living in these countries. In the case of Albania, this process is particularly marked, with the effects being less prominent in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece only by the measure of the population change in these regions. All these nations have suffered greatly - and bear the scars - of the Ottomans.

European Atlas

This site provides an encyclopedia of Europe covering an in-depth entries of Economy, Government, History, Land & People.

Mediterranean Europe History

Western Europe History

Western & Northern Europe: History and Politics

The Black Death: Bubonic Plague


This site is an outstanding site that will help any student or teacher get a broad overview of Vietnam.

Vietnam: Yesterday & Today

This is an excellent site for teachers or students who want to explore all aspects of Vietnam.

Battlefield: Vietnam

This site is created by PBS and gives the student/teacher an indepth overview of the Vietnam War.

Additional Sites Explore Vietnam:

History and Culture of Vietnam Art Exhibit by :17 Vietnamese Artists
Women in the Vietnam War People & Culture of Vietnam
Asian Studies: Vietnam Vietnam: Agent Orange
CIA World Factbook: Vietnam Vietnam: Wardogs


East Asia

This site serves as a window on the rich Internet resources for the political units of East Asia.

Asia Culture

This is a site directory created by Mr. BRAD BOWERMAN that gives teachers/students a wide range of Asian sites to explore.

Great Wall of China
This site provides a look at the Great Wall with subjects ranging from the history of the Great Wall to the culture aspects that the wall has influenced.

The Great Wall of China

This is another excellent site that explores the Great Wall and the history behind it.

Chinese Dynasties

This site explores the Chinese Dynasties.

Ancient China

This is an excellent site that comes from, that explores topics from Chinese religions to the Yunnan Stone Forest.

The Ancient Dynasties History Timeline

This site provides a link to the Chinese past during the dynastic period.

Chinese Cultural Studies

This site was created by Stephen F. Teiser and is an excellent reference to the religions of China.


On the following pages we will take you on a walk through the history of Taiwan. Originally Taiwan was settled by people of Malay-Polynesian descent, who settled in the low-lying coastal plains. They were the ancestors of the present-day aborigine groups.


Samurai Archives Japanese History Page

Welcome to the Samurai Archives, an on-going effort to create an extensive database on the Internet for all interested in this fascinating piece of human history.

History of Japanese Swords

This site gives a brief history of making of swords in Japan.

In order to understand any contemporary society, a knowledge of its history is essential. The following pages present the most general facts of Japanese history.

Japanese Culture

Over 120 pages of Japanese culture: Japanese Clothing, Japanese New Year, Japanese tea ceremony, Christmas in Japan, Japanese music and more.

Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Antartica


Southeast Asia

Internet Resources for Scholars, Researchers and Friends of Southeast Asian Studies.

Southeast Asia Maps

This site provides teachers and students with a wide range of reference maps.

Global Studies & Southeast Asia


Oceania Maps

This site from provides maps of this region.


This is general Information on Antarctica provided by the CIA World Fact Book.